Semi-Profound Thoughts On A Consistently Irregular Basis

Dung On The Ground

From the basement in Dorr Jan 7 2016 6:05am Dear Reader, I wrote a few weeks back about digging in and reading the Bible on my own time since I've always claimed belief in it, [...]

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

From the kitchen table in Dorr 6:30am Jan 6 2016 Dear Reader, I need to rant for a second... Winter is awful. 6 months ago I could walk outside in nothing but my whitey tighties, [...]

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Real Life Examples (sort of)

From the kitchen table in Dorr 9:26pm January 1, 2016 Dear Reader, This is the last post in a little series on my ideas for monetizing a hobby. If you didn't read the previous three, [...]

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Isadore Sharp

Just received the book "Four Seasons - The Story of a Business Philosophy". It's the biography of Isadore Sharp who created the Four Seasons Hotel Chain. Nice part for you is that you didn't have [...]

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The Post That Never Came

Dear Reader, Remember my last post when I said I was going to give those real life examples of people that are making a living doing the things that their friends and relatives probably told [...]

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Steve Jobs

This will be the first Biography run down that I do. Since I last read the book in February of 2013, it's only right that I re-read before I blabber on about all of the [...]

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